Plum Shaped Aluminum Alloy Coupling for CNC Machine

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Plum Shaped  Aluminum Alloy Coupling for CNC Machine

* Clamp-style mount for secure attachment to shaft

* Accommodates angular, axial and parallel misalignment

* Aluminum hubs for light weight, stainless steel discs for strength

* Shaft couplers suitable for connect servo motor, stepper motor, encoder, screw driving, machine platform, etc.

* Flexible couplings are used to link 2 rotating shafts that are not aligned in order to transmit the rotational power, known as torque, from 1 shaft to the other.

* Most flexible couplings consist of 2 hubs and 1 middle assembly; each hub attaches to a shaft while the middle assembly flexes between the hubs to accommodate the misalignment of the 2 shafts.

* Shaft misalignments are generally either parallel or angular and cause complications to transmitting rotational power from 1 shaft to another in the form of stresses, loads, vibrations, and other forces, which vary from 1 type of misalignment to another.

* Flexible couplings are used in a broad range of applications, such as in motor vehicles, conveyors, escalators, agricultural, forestry and mining equipment, aeronautics, robotics and space exploration, among others.


Length: 40mm

Outside Diameter: 30mm

Bore Diameter: 8mm to 10mm

Torque Range: 2.8N.m to 5.6N.m

Maximum Rotation Speed: 10000 RPM

Material: Aluminum alloy, polyurethane

Main Color: Silver Tone, Red


Simple structure, inspection, installation is convenient;

Mini disc (MD) coupling assembly for use in applications requiring high torsional stiffness and torsional integrity;


1 x Plum Shaped Coupling*


The shaft coupler is not elastic, can not modify the concentricity. Shaft must be located in a straight line. If your equipment is eccentric already, then it will make noise and cause off-centering.

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